Quick Tips: Crispy Bacon in the Oven

I’m sure you’ve guessed by my first post that I’ve figured this bacon in the oven thing out. So I wanted to share a quick tips on how to make crispy bacon in the oven every time.

“Drain the grease”

As we all know, bacon contains a lot of fat. When cooking bacon in the oven the bacon kinda just sits in that fat and never crisp up. So to prevent that from happening and to ensure you always get crispy bacon you have to drain the grease.

There are a couple of ways you ca do that:

  1. Periodically drain the grease: Every 10-15 minutes you can grab the pan from the oven and drain into the sink.
  2. Get an oven grill pan: This is probably the preferred and easiest thing to do. This will allow for the bacon to cook and the grease to just run into the drip pan. Then you can dump it after the bacon is cooked. Image result for oven grill pan
  3. Macgyver it: Because I’m cheap and lazy I don’t see the need of duping oil every 10 minutes or buying a tool when I can make shift a way.

Here what I did! I cut slits into a regular aluminum pan. Then I balled up two pieces of foil and put them in a separate aluminum pan. Then I stacked the pan with the slits on top of the pan with the foil. The slits allow for the bacon fat to drip into the second pan while the foil balls keep the the fist pan elevated just enough so that grease doesn’t spill into the oven due to volume metric displacement. (pics below)


Voila! That’s how you get crispy bacon in the oven the Husky boys way!




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