Husky Boys Take Thailand

So I had the privilege to live in Thailand for about 3 months.  It’s still one of my favorite places in the world! Bangkok, which is where I lived, is extremely multi cultural. You can find a street for almost every ethnicity. And there was so much to do. We ate out at restaurants from Soy 11 all the way to Thong Lo. All with amazing themes, decor and food. The was even this jazz club with musician that you couldn’t convince me that they weren’t black. We went to Khao San Road and drank and ate bugs. We ate at an Argentina steak houses that had amazing food and house made caramel vodka. I highly recommend visiting that steak house. Also, on one street you have a German pub, Australian, Burger joint, Fish house with house made ketchup and tons more! I even ate soul food. Yea it blew my mind too! There were cool clubs, including an ice bar (see what I did there lol) and a speakeasy cigar lounge that was our Friday ritual. We even visited temples and saw a Buddhist monk vacuuming. Which was odd to me. (Click here to see the clips of my trip)




However my favorite part about Thailand was the food.  The food is extremely fresh and multicultural. Anything you want to eat, you can find it in BKK and it’s all amazing. Except Italian food. For some reason the Italian food wasn’t what I wanted or expected. But the street food was amazing (Check out our post “How to Eat Street Food Bangkok Edition)

While I was there I also had the honor of attending cooking classes at two Thai cooking schools.




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Anybody who is a foodie has to make a stop on your journey to Bangkok. Your taste buds will thank you.





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