Blog: Homemade Vegan Chili

Check out the vlog on youtube first then enjoy our lessons learned

Lessons Learned:

No one is perfect. In your home cook journey there will be things that don’t turn out exactly how you  envisioned. That’s ok! Dust off your utensils and try again.Much like life “Failure only happens when you stop trying to succeed” – @WRickyBurton

This version I would rate a 7. Here’s what I’d change:

  1. Use the whole can: I think I could have added the whole can of beans. I was nervous that the mixture would get too thick. The final result was not enough as to where it was too soupy but it was not as thick as I’d like.
  2. Try Different Tomatoes: I was convinced that the fire roasted tomatoes would give me an extra layer of flavor. I’m not sure if it was the brand of tomatoes or just fire roasted tomatoes in general but something added a very bitter taste. Next time I’d just add a  can of regular diced tomatoes.
  3. Get Smoked Paprika: I usually ALWAYS have smoked paprika in the house. However, this time I ran out and was too lazy to go to the store. Next time I’ll make sure I have it.
  4. Way too much Kale: I got a little over ambitious with the kale. As I said in the Vlog, I always add kale or spinach to my Chili. In this case, I didn’t chop it down enough and I used to much. I think that also added to the bitter back note I was getting. Next time I’ll use 50/50 kale and spinach.
  5. Butternut squash instead of Acorn Squash: This is all about personal preference. The Acorn squash did not add much character to the chili. I like butternut squash better in chili because it adds a bit of sweetness and it stands on it’s own in the mixture. If your taste buds are different then by all means use acorn squash.
  6. Taste ahead of time:
    So I bought a new brand of the secret ingredient and did not try it ahead of time. I discovered that I liked the old brand better.

    1. If you haven’t seen the video yet, to find out what the secret ingredient is you have to follow the Husky Boys Intl. Instgram page, Like 3 pictures, and send us a DM saying “Secret Ingredient.”

Give the recipe a shot and share your pictures with us on IG @HuskyBoysIntl With the hashtags #StayHusky #VeganChili




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