Blog: Homemade Vegan Chili

Check out the vlog on youtube first then enjoy our lessons learned

Lessons Learned:

No one is perfect. In your home cook journey there will be things that don’t turn out exactly how you  envisioned. That’s ok! Dust off your utensils and try again.Much like life “Failure only happens when you stop trying to succeed” – @WRickyBurton

This version I would rate a 7. Here’s what I’d change:

  1. Use the whole can: I think I could have added the whole can of beans. I was nervous that the mixture would get too thick. The final result was not enough as to where it was too soupy but it was not as thick as I’d like.
  2. Try Different Tomatoes: I was convinced that the fire roasted tomatoes would give me an extra layer of flavor. I’m not sure if it was the brand of tomatoes or just fire roasted tomatoes in general but something added a very bitter taste. Next time I’d just add a  can of regular diced tomatoes.
  3. Get Smoked Paprika: I usually ALWAYS have smoked paprika in the house. However, this time I ran out and was too lazy to go to the store. Next time I’ll make sure I have it.
  4. Way too much Kale: I got a little over ambitious with the kale. As I said in the Vlog, I always add kale or spinach to my Chili. In this case, I didn’t chop it down enough and I used to much. I think that also added to the bitter back note I was getting. Next time I’ll use 50/50 kale and spinach.
  5. Butternut squash instead of Acorn Squash: This is all about personal preference. The Acorn squash did not add much character to the chili. I like butternut squash better in chili because it adds a bit of sweetness and it stands on it’s own in the mixture. If your taste buds are different then by all means use acorn squash.
  6. Taste ahead of time:
    So I bought a new brand of the secret ingredient and did not try it ahead of time. I discovered that I liked the old brand better.

    1. If you haven’t seen the video yet, to find out what the secret ingredient is you have to follow the Husky Boys Intl. Instgram page, Like 3 pictures, and send us a DM saying “Secret Ingredient.”

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What is a Husky Boy?

In the beginning

In ancient times (like before the 80’s) the word “Husky” was more a derogatory term used to describe guys who were more hearty in size than others. You’d walk through department store and find a small select section of poorly tailored clothes with little choices labeled with the term husky. The word would get tossed around in school cafeterias and even during family gathering when aunty would say “Boy you’re getting Husky.”  Over time, as people like Heavy D, Biggie Small, and even Rick Ross, hit the scene the bigger guy has gotten much overdue appreciation.

“I should put that on a T-shirt!”

So, I know all of this information from derived knowledge. I didn’t start my journey as a “Husky Boy,” I was the total opposite growing up. As a matter of fact they put a “Lil” in from of my name until I was 25. Then all of a sudden, as a result of working out and eating overseas, I muscled up and low and behold a “Husky Boy” was born. I found myself having issues finding clothes because my thighs were too thick or my arms were too big. I found myself taking pictures and looking like I just worked out and just ate at the same time. One picture in particular I put on Instagram with the caption “Husky boy Ministries.” The next day my gym partner and I joked for about 30 minutes about funny related captions, my favorite being “Husky Boys need love too.” Then I said “I should put that on a shirt.” That started the initial thought process into Husky Boys. Some months later my sister said you should pair Husky boys with a cooking blog since you’re always taking pictures of your food. And just like that Husky Boys was born. (See the “My cooking Journey” for how I got started in the kitchen).

So what is a Husky Boy?

What is a husky Boy you ask? After starting the @HuskyBoysIntl food blog on IG, I’d define Husky boys Intl. as a community for guys who like to cook , love to eat and the people who love them! It’s a movement for the plus size guys and guys of any size who appreciate the food culture. It’s also community for the people who love them and the delectable dishes they create. If you love the culture of cooking and practice of eating, then you’re pretty much a Husky Boy. The Husky Boy is the bigger man out here (points to stomach) but also in here (points to heart and laughs).

So join the movement and share with us pictures of your food creations and you wearing Husky Boy fan apparel with the hashtag #HuskyBoysIntl #stayHusky

The picture that started it all:

husky boys